Hotel Contract Beds Guide

Hotel Contract Beds Guide

Hotel Contract Beds – Your Entire Guide to Giving your guests the best night’s sleep.

Contract beds are specifically designed beds and mattresses for commercial use - used in hotels, B&Bs and academic establishments. For health and safety all of our contract beds go through rigorous testing to ensure compliance and guest safety.

At Vogue Contract Beds we offer a range of beds for hotels. For 4 star hotels upwards and boutique hotels we offer the excellent Luxury 2000 which ensures that the hotel contract bed match the experience of a high end hotel.

Contract beds aren't just for luxury four and five-star hotels - they are crucial for any commercial or educational environment, including:

  • hotels
  • B&Bs
  • student accommodation
  • Care Homes

When you buy a contract bed from Vogue Beds, you can be reassured that your new bed has been tested to the highest standards, ensuring the utmost safety of your guests.

If you own a business that hosts guests, purchasing a contract bed isn't a choice, it's a requirement by law. If your beds aren't 'Crib 5' compliant:

  • you will be putting your guests at risk
  • your insurance will be invalid in the event of a fire

What Contract Beds are Available from Vogue Beds?

Contract beds by Vogue Beds are available in a variety of styles. They are manufactured in our Barwell factory in Leicestershire and all are made for your specialist need.

1. Hotels for high-end hotels and Boutique Hotels

Our premium contract beds collection is headlined by the luxury 2000 and which you can see below.


hotel luxury 2000 hotel contract bed



2. Our Hotel Collections Collection

When you need new beds and mattresses for your hotel, guest house or Bed and Breakfast, Vogue Beds has a range of beds available to suit your needs and budget. The Hotelier is the bed that we’d recommend for these needs and you can see more about it below.



hotelier - hotel contract bed

Hotelier Contract Bed


3. Our Academic Collection

Vogue Contract Beds academic collection is ideal for student beds and beds for care home and rest homes. Our collection offers the best in value and comfort. The Heavy Duty Nautilus is the recommended bed for this collection and you can see it it below.




Nautilus Contract Bed

Nautilus Academic Contract Bed

Can I purchase a contract mattress separately?

If your have the bed frame that you need and are just looking to replace old mattresses the you can purchase mattresses only from Vogue Contract Beds. We offer a wide range of contract mattresses, perfect for hotel and guest house beds.

When purchasing a replacement mattress for your commercial establishment, you need to make sure that the one you buy complies with 'Crib 5' safety and quality regulations. Vogue Contract Beds ensures all of its mattresses comply and all of our contract mattresses are manufactured by Vogue Beds in our factory.

contract mattress

Are contract beds only for hotels?

All of our contract beds are specifically designed for hotels or commercial premises. That said, if you want luxury boutique hotel comfort in your home then you can have it. Just contact our team to discuss.


Contract Bed Size Guide

Below we have a guide of the types of contract beds available and their sized, from single beds to King sized, our guide below will make it easy for you to select the most suitable bed..

{Size guide here}

Contract beds: what firmness can I get?

If you own a hotel or B&B, you'll understand how important it is that your guests enjoy a great night's sleep. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the firmness of their mattress. Our hotel beds are crafted in a range of firmness to provide your guests with the best night's sleep.

  • Medium
  • Medium to Firm
  • Firm

Hotel beds need to be built to last, and the same can be said about the hotel mattress. Firmer mattresses offer durability and support for longer, so they're ideal for your hotel, B&B or educational establishment.


Where can I buy a contract bed?

We offer a fantastic range of contract beds for you to choose from. If you are looking to purchase multiple beds the we can discuss a bulk order for your establishment. Simply call our offices and you will be able to speak with a member of Vogue Beds team who will be happy to help.

At Vogue Beds we have over 30 year’s experience manufacturing contract beds so you’ll be in safe hands.


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